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Keeping It Real: Consultation Session

Date: Thur 16 July

Time: 10.00am-12.00pm

Before the world as we knew it changed because of COVID-19, we carried out the largest ever survey of UK feature doc producers and directors. We hoped the findings would shine a light on the unique ecosystem of the feature docs sector which, as the report evidences, is under-funded, under-valued and often poorly understood by policymakers.

While the data in the report was collected before the advent of Coronavirus, the problems it identifies remain. The report is an opportunity for the feature doc industry to better understand itself, and to articulate, agitate, evidence and advocate for change. But what does a better, fairer and more sustainable feature doc industry look like, and how do we get there?

This session is an opportunity to discuss policy recommendations and policy change with your peers in small groups, as well as communicate and collaborate with the feature doc industry at large. We will spend the majority of time in working groups based on your industry area, e.g. Broadcast; Agencies and Funders; Distribution and Sales; Exhibition and Festivals, and explore the three main recommendation areas of the report – diversity, sector development and funding – with dedicated time at the end to feedback to the entire group and discuss next steps.

This event is open to Feature Doc workers only. If you work in UK Feature Docs and would like to take part please email alice.quigley@uwe.ac.uk to register.

To be able to participate fully, please read the report recommendations before attending.