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Docfest panel 2019: ‘Cinema and State: Developing Policy Frameworks for Feature Docs’

Adelphi Suite, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield S1 1DA

Cinema and State: Developing Policy Frameworks for Feature Docs

As part of the project’s exploration of policy ideas to support the feature docs sector, we hosted apanel at Doc/Fest 2019. More info and links below. We’re doing lots more work in this area. Give us a shout if you want to discuss it or contribute and in the meantime, watch this space!

UK film policy is almost entirely geared towards fiction, while the unique challenges facing the documentary sector are overlooked. It’s high-time the UK had a bespoke policy framework to support its documentary makers. What kinds of interventions are needed? How should they be developed? This session invites panelists and audience members alike to collectively brainstorm demands to better meet the needs of theatrical docs. The session is part of ‘UK Feature Docs’, an AHRC-funded study of the UK’s feature-length film industry.

More info at https://sheffdocfest.com/sessions/6925